Why Career
A professional counselling helps you to align the assessment results with various career options and would help you to develop strategic educational and personal development plans for higher success. It’s a two way process where the counsellor brings clarity to assessment results. The counsellor discusses the results with the counselee and the counselee shares relevant infor mation related to his knowledge, aspirations and personal details that helps in mutually exploring the right and appropriate career . A typical counselling session usually lasts for 45 minutes.
  • Understanding the report
  • Helping you validate your strengths & areas of improvement
  • Choosing further education & Career Options
  • Development of an Action Plani) Education ii) Building Capabilities

Counselling is important for accurate interpretation of assessment results. Our professionally trained and certified counsellor’s create a personalized career portfolio, helping you understand yourself and choose an appropriate career. The counsellor also suggests strategies to reach your goal.

The focus of counselling is to empower you to make choices and career decisions base on understanding the science behind the whole process. In addition we understand that career choices are influenced by several other factors as well, such as financial status, family, external and inter nal factors etc. Our counsellors take personal approach to suggest the career options matching to your background and assessment results.

Our Career Counselling Process
  • Self-Assessment
    Examine your core interests, personality traits, skills, values, and beliefs
  • Analyzing the report
  • Generate and Explore Career Options
    Create a list of potentially satisfying career options that match your self-assessment results
  • Narrow Down Options
    Sort through your initial list of occupations and reduce the options to your most favored ones
  • Research Options
    Access detailed information through research on selected career options
  • Decide on Career Goal
    Decide on the most promising career option that matches your profile most closely and that affords you the greatest chance of success
  • Set an Action Plan
    Set up an action plan that will outline the next most cr ucial steps for you to take in meeting your educational and/or occupational goals
  • Evaluate Outcomes
    Evaluate the outcomes of your efforts to see whether you are on the right path